In honor of National Manufacturing Month, Indiana’s vibrant manufacturing industry and its dedicated workforce are the focus of a compelling art exhibit.

The exhibit, titled “The Art of Modern Manufacturing: Views through a different lens,” features captivating images captured by Indianapolis photographer Michael Durr. The event, is supported by Conexus Indiana and Ryan Henderson, the Director of Innovation and Digital Transformation at Conexus Indiana.

“The Art of Modern Manufacturing” exhibit opened on Friday, October 6, and will remain open to the public until Friday, October 27. Admission to the exhibit is free, allowing a wide range of visitors to explore and appreciate the creativity and innovation within Indiana’s advanced manufacturing sector.

The exhibit is a unique opportunity to gain insight into the cutting-edge technologies and skilled Hoosier workers that drive the state’s manufacturing industry. Durr’s lens brings to life the precision, dedication, and artistry behind the production processes that have made Indiana a manufacturing hub.

To enhance the visitor experience, an audio tour has been made available, featuring commentary from Durr, writer Sandra Cline, and Henderson. This additional dimension provides valuable context to the images and offers a deeper understanding of the stories behind Indiana’s modern manufacturing success.

National Manufacturing Month serves as a platform to celebrate the achievements and contributions of the manufacturing industry to the economy and society as a whole. Indiana’s manufacturing sector has been at the forefront of technological advancements and innovation, consistently demonstrating its commitment to producing high-quality goods and fostering job growth.

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Photo from Conexus Indiana